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Fully Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine

Used for filling single or multiple-cavity molds, the Automatic Volumetric Filling Machine is equipped with an exclusive volumetric box which makes sure that, each of the mold’s cavities receives a precise amount of concrete. The machine’s height adjustment makes it compatible with a large variety of molds with substantial variations in style, volumetric height, width and length.


A complete operating cycle includes:

1. The input of an empty mold simultaneously with the output of a freshly filled mold

2. The opening of the gate for filling followed by its closing once the mold is filled

In order to keep the cycle time to a minimum, the mold is held static solely while it is being filled. Other preparation steps such as filling the volumetric box are performed during mold indexing to minimize the cycle time.

Average productivity: 1m(10Ft.2) / 12 sec.

Volumetric capacity of the filler box: 0.28 m3

· Maximum cavity: 700mm x 1150mm

Height adjustments: In order to assure perfect filling and avoid splashing, the height of the machine can be adjusted to molds of various heights.


  • Precise dosage in each mold cavity
  • Cycle time: 12 sec. Actual / 8 sec. Min.
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