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Wet Cast Equipment

Automacad offers both standard and custom Wet Cast solutions adaptable to a wide range of clients, from the young, limited in production volume to the more experienced and high production volume manufacturers. In other words, our Wet Cast production components could easily fit within an already existing manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic production line while our turn-key projects provide a made-to-order solution to your specific needs. Also, since our lines could be as modular and versatile as they are dedicated, manufacturing a full range of different product types such as masonry, slabs, walls, steps, veneers, edges or caps of different shapes and sizes on a single line is as easy and efficient as producing a single product category.


Our Wet Cast lines enable you to:

  • Concrete wet cast doser manufacturerSelect the stations you require and customize your production lines based on your current needs while also keeping future productivity in mind
  • Maximize the output of each line independently of the others and provide for partial function of your facility in the event of a breakdown or shortage of a raw material; for example, your demolding line can remain active even if your pouring line is shut down
  • Configure flexible layout based on facility requirements and target production flow
  • Consider fast, customized expansion at low cost of a semi-automatic line to achieve complete automation

Our equipment can be customized  to your existing production lines! This means that our lines can easily adapt to various types of molds, whether polyurethane, ABS, silicon, steel, single or multiple cavity molds.

The customized adaptation of our Wet Cast lines to your facility makes your production streamlined, flexible and, above all, versatile in relation to your various products while also minimizing your configuration time and costs.

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