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Special Processes

Automacad’s experience in a large variety of custom projects allowed the company to develop an expertise in making equipment for specialized purposes. Automacad’s “special processes equipment” presents optimized solutions to commonly found problems and limitations in the Wet Cast industry.

-Equipment to make veneer stone better adhere to the wall.

Problem statement: When the back surface of the veneer stone is unevenly scratched, the stones adhere much better to the wall rather than a stone with a smooth back surface. 

Solution: A “raking” machine very simple in its design was made to create uneven “grooves” on the back surface of the stone by “scratching” the surface of the concrete immediately after it was poured into the mold. The grooves on the back of the veneer create space where the adhesion agent can get a better grip and better join the veneer to the wall.

-Equipment to clean the leg boards.

Problem statement: After carrying the demolded stones from the demolding station to the packaging line, the surface of the boards is often very dusty and might contain traces of dried concrete.

Solution: Installed over a conveyor, a leg board cleaning brush cleans the boards by spinning over them.

Motorized Board Cleaning Brush

The brush is used to clean the surface of the leg boards from any residual concrete and gravel.

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