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Engineering services

Being a well-established engineering company, Automacad offers the most comprehensive engineering services, ready to meet your production needs.

Research and development

Our team's expertise in the automation sector allows us to offer a comprehensive list of research and development options. Moreover, due to our broad experience, our research and development options are made as affordable as they can be with accordance to current government policies and procedures.

Custom process development

Automacad's custom process development service is a three stage procedure.

  1. We begin by clearly determining the production process of the product in question. Much importance is given to the product's particularities and/or the specifics of the production process which will aid in determining the most optimal process automation method.
  2. Our team will continue by conducting a complete review of your plant and current process flows in order to determine the key automation factors required for the realization of your particular project.
  3. Finally, based on our preliminary research, we will incorporate leading technologies and industry standards to design, model and eventually manufacture an optimal automation solution.

The entire process includes meticulous project management as well as training and commissioning services.

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