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Workplace Safety

Why is it important?

Workplace safety is a crucial factor when it comes to avoiding halts in the manufacturing operation and more importantly, preventing the tragic loss of life or irreversible injury. Automacad offers a full range of workplace safety solutions proven to increase machine and labor productivity while simultaneously creating a safe work environment.

Our services:

  1. Risk assessment
  2. Risk reduction planning
  3. Review of safety system and circuit designs
  4. Complete safety system integration
  5. Validation and verification
  6. Employee training
  7. Project management

As part of a complete workplace safety project we offer:

  1. Staying current on all national and international standards and regulations
  2. Conducting machine risk assessments
  3. Developing risk reduction strategies
  4. Designing, installing and validating safety systems
  5. Delivering machine safety training

The benefits of implementing a proper workplace safety strategy:

  1. Prevention of safety related fines (CSST)
  2. Gain of customer confidence due to a safe work environment
  3. Reduction of machine down time
  4. Increase of employee morale and productivity
  5. Decrease of insurance costs
  6. Decrease of administrative costs related to: overtime, scheduling, clean-up and repairs
  7. Decrease of third-party liability, legal and associated costs

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