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Specialized or custom

Our strength at Automacad lies in our ability to design and manufacture customized solutions. Being a full service industrialization provider with a solid engineering background allows us to work in close collaboration with all our customers, improve their current processes, design and manufacture new concepts and even create fully integrated turn-key projects to their exact specifications.

While our engineering expertise allows us to consistently deliver the most pioneering solutions, our business know-how in a wide variety of manufacturing industries allows us to help our customers obtain the most appropriate buy-back periods and rapidly capitalize on the unique benefits of our custom machinery.

Working with a variety of manufacturers in different industries allows Automacad to channel the expertise it acquired over the years into providing customers state-of-the-art solutions to their automation needs and maximizing the positive impact it brings to their bottom line.

Simplicity, versatility and durability are what characterize our custom solutions which ultimately translate in high quality and productivity processes.

So when it comes to custom automation solutions proven to higher your productivity and efficiency while minimizing your downtime and maintenance costs, Automacad always takes pride in providing you with a made-to-order solution to your specific needs while adhering to your budget and time constraints.

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