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Risk assesement

Our in-depth risk assessment of your equipment and plant operation could be as comprehensive as it could be targeted to a specific process. Automacad's competence combined with numerous years of excellence allows our team to align itself directly with your company in order to offer you a thorough risk analysis report, taking into consideration your particular automation needs and abilities as well as current safety norms and regulation, whether national, provincial or particular to your specific industry.

At Automacad we understand the importance of a safe work environment and all of its implications to your business. Therefore we propose the most in-depth risk assessment report which will address all your existing and potential risk concerns.

Securisation: (risk elimination corrective measures)

Following a risk assessment report, we carefully determine and analyze all the variables involved in the securisation of your plant's processes. Such variables may include:

  • Your production-related preferences
  • Your budget constraints
  • Various specific directives positioned by government agencies
  • Current safety norms and regulations

Once all these factors are taken into consideration, our multi-disciplined engineering team designs and manufactures all the necessary protective gear and equipment which we then install on-site and conduct training sessions for your employees as required.

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