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Handling Equipment

Automacad’s handling equipment includes equipment used to manipulate: empty and filled molds, leg boards or cured product from one station to another, turn and flip them in the required direction in order to prepare them for a certain process. Our handling equipment is custom made which means that it is entirely tailored to accommodate the client’s line, equipment and products.

Among various other handling equipment, here are a few examples:

Inline Mold & Leg Board Turnover

The turnover is positioned in line right before the demolder. It allows a single station to turn the mold over upside down on the leg board in order to prepare it for the demolding process. The self-adjusting clamping system allows the use of molds of different styles and heights. 

Automated Board or Leg Board Flipper

The automated board or leg board flipper is used to take empty boards leg boards from the packaging line and place them upside down on top of filled molds at the beginning of the demold line

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