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Sliding Plate Cuber

Single or double, the sliding plate cuber can automatically palletize stones from a single or two separate conveyors or exit onto a single or two separate drop zones (shipping pallets), one of which could be used for second quality products. The machine’s design allows obtaining a reduced cycle time by performing multiple tasks simultaneously. In addition to a stone pushing system, the machine is equipped with a cubing system with two easily adjustable reference surfaces for very straight stacking. The pusher is equipped with a cylinder, enabling it to lift while indexing for a faster cycle time.


After being advanced on the conveyor, the product is pushed onto the sliding plate. Then, the axial cubing is performed by the sliding plate simultaneously with the pusher’s return into place. Once the pusher is in position, the conveyor can index. Then, during indexing of the conveyor, lateral cubing is being performed; pressure is released while still keeping the guidance. Then, the sliding plate retracts and deposits the stones onto the pallet underneath. The scissor lift table and the sliding plate return back into place and the cycle repeats itself.

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